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SAS: ReportFarm

The NC State BGXD program partnered with SAS to design an experience that visualizes the complexities of the food distribution system. Our main focus was on minimizing food waste and reducing the reliance on IoT sensors.

Our team created ReportFarm, a streamlined approach for data analysts to collaborate with AI in generating reports. With access to real-time data, it enables effortless teamwork and co-creation, ensuring the seamless delivery of high-quality reports.


UX designer on five person team



February 2023 - May 2023


Deca-Foods monitors their shipments through various sensors that can be analyzed by various teams in the company, allowing for quick issue identification.



Delores, a data analyst, monitors the sensors and data at Deca Foods. Using our interface, she can develop collaborative reports with her teammates using AI.



We started by looking at how others are using interactive dashboards to analyze and monitor data.



Then we began to put together concepts for how our users could navigate through our interface.


Designs -
User Walkthrough

Next we delved into Figma to begin designing our user flow, advancing through multiple design iterations until we arrived at a final version. Included here is a screenshot showcasing our progress in prototyping and design.


Map View


Delores looks at her dashboard and views the routes that are active between farms. 


Arco Farm 


She clicks on a farm that looks like it is underperforming to get more information. 


Arco Farm Data 


She clicks on the farm to analyze some of the data about the farms sensors, trucks and performance. She decides to create a report for this data to send to the logistics manager.


Selecting a Report


Then she's presented with several report options, including performance, product, monthly, and quarterly reports. Opting for the performance report, she aims to address a specific issue directly impacting the farm's underperformance in output.


Co-creating with Conversational AI


Here she is able to use the suggest or describe feature for incorporating elements into the report that highlight data-related issues. This functionality enables her to provide descriptions of the specific graph she wants to include or allows AI to suggest which datasets require special attention.


Suggest Feature

She choose to use the AI function to assist in collecting data components that might be responsible for outliers, disruptions, or issues contributing to the farm's underperformance.


Real-time Report 

After clicking next, Delores is directed to the live report document. Similar to Google Docs or Figma, she and her colleagues can edit the report in real-time, leave comments, and observe each other's cursors for enhanced collaboration.


Each of these are sections added to the report that highlight different aspects of the farm sensor's data. 

AI Generated Summary


Finally, a comprehensive summary is generated at the bottom, encompassing all the sections and data points within the report. This section attempts to suggest a solution for the underperformance.

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