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Hurdle Habit Tracker

Hurdle is an app designed to help neurodivergent college students develop healthy habits through encouragement, motivation, and reminders. 

The Mission

To design a cohesive brand that implements service and interaction design and brings value to users. 


Designer on team of 3


2.5 Months. Oct-Dec 2021

Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 4.20.19 PM.png



We categorized our touchpoints into brand, service, and interaction design.

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Service Blueprint

This service blueprint covers the very detailed overview of Hurdle as a service. This blueprint follows the brand at multiple levels including, user, and employee, illustrating what must take place in order for the user to experience our products, platforms and services seamlessly.


UI Design

Below are some of the key screens in the mobile application. 


Completing A Daily Hurdle




Weekly Report

Brand Booklet

This booklet showcases all of the extensions of the Hurdle brand including the personas, case studies, visual branding, service design, and interaction design.

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View Other Projects

UX Design | User Research | User Flows | Wireframing | UI Design 

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UI Design | User Flow | Wireframing


UX Design | UI Design | User Research

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