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Logo gallery

Logofolio & Branding

An assortment of logos and branding materials designed for various projects, events or programs.

Social Kitchen Logo

Logo and branding designed for an app called Social kitchen. 

With this app, users can create and share recipes even easier than they ever could. Browse through your favorite meals, and add filters based on food preference, and allergies. 


Burger 809 Logo Pack

Designed for a unique restaurant out in St. Louis, this rebrand aimed to encapsulate the soulful attributes that the restaurant possesses. 

An assortment of variations of this logo were designed for a multi-purpose use. 


Zoom Products

A logo and color scheme designed with children in mind. Zoom Products creates sensorial toys and items for young children. 


MATLAB Student Ambassador Branding 

Logo and swag designed while working for MathWorks. This logo pack will be used for the MATLAB Student Ambassador Program.

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